My name is Ann (Peachey) Detweiler and I currently live about 30 miles west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I am a daughter of the King and a wife to an amazing man, Ben.  God has blessed us with three precious children: Ian Nathaniel (4), Alayna Lael (2 1/2), and Elliott Michael (10 months).

I grew up in a beautiful valley in central Pennsylvania, affectionately known as Big Valley.  When I was 19, I met Ben at Mountain View Nursing Home in Aroda, VA where we both served as CNAs.  We were married 2 years later in 2013.

As a mom of young children, there isn’t a lot of spare time.  When I’m not writing, I enjoy playing piano.  “Mom, play the piano!”  is something I hear quite often.  I’m always happy to oblige, as music has a way of lifting my soul and helping me rest in the Lord.

God has given Ben and I a passion for hurting people.  Part of that passion has come out of our own stories.  God is awesome.  He takes circumstances that were meant to destroy us and instead, turns that very pain into passion and purpose.  He is a God of abundant redemption, of that, I am convinced.

If you find yourself facing hard realities and feel trapped in despair, our prayer is that God would pour out His love in tangible ways, and reveal Himself to you.  Our prayer is that when you read this blog, you will be drawn to the One who redeems broken souls – Jesus.

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